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A Trusted Microsoft Gold Partner. 

We migrate companies to the cloud quickly so you can concentrate on your vision, without the hassle or headaches of worrying about infrastructure.

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Why Azure is the right choice

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help your organization meet your business challenges. It’s the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your favorite tools and frameworks.



Azure has more than 100 services with great end-to-end tools to make you successful.



Develop and deploy where you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack.



Create intelligent apps using powerful data and AI services.



Join startups, governments, and 95% of Fortune 500 businesses who run on the Microsoft Cloud today.



compliance offerings—the largest portfolio in the industry



of Fortune 500 companies trust their business on the Microsoft cloud



new Azure customer subscriptions per month


Solving complex challenges in unique enviroments?


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Launch is a people-first, global business and technology consulting firm. We take our client’s challenges personally, assigning small, multi-disciplined teams who develop solutions quickly, with ingenuity and entrepreneurial agility.

Cloud Hero Experience Events

The Cloud Hero Experience is a tournament-style interactive event that helps players/attendees learn the essentials, and provides direct access to Azure experts, an opportunity to network with like-minded professionals, and a fun, safe, immersive environment in which to explore, leverage and optimize Azure.


Professional Services

As a Microsoft Gold Partner in Cloud Platform, Data, and Analytics, and a Silver Partner in app dev, Launch has expertise in providing Azure-based services to help your company navigate the cloud.


Partner Solutions

As a trusted Microsoft Gold Partner, Launch has expertise finding and implementing optimal solutions for your company. Whether you’re looking for Cloud Backup Solutions, SSO/Identity Management, Cloud Encrypted Services, IT Service Management, or any other Azure Partner Solution, it’s all in our wheelhouse.



It's about what the cloud enables:  technology that helps humans learn faster, work smarter, and achieve more.

Cloud Migration

Launch’s cloud migration services can help your company capture efficiencies, mitigate support risks, modernize & rationalize in order to gain operational excellence, and unsure your data is secure and accessible during the process.

Application Development

Since Launch is a Microsoft Gold Partner, your company has the option to easily augment your cloud platform providers’ standard offerings to engage Launch to provide application administration.

Customer Experience

We bring life to data.  Launch does more than move data – we move people. We’re inventors. We’re storytellers. We’re instigators. We work with clients to develop a customer experience strategies and cross-platform narratives that make meaningful connections move your business forward.​

Data Analytics

Through cloud migration, Launch will help your analytic capabilities evolve from descriptive & diagnostic to prescriptive within a few weeks, not years. We leverage your existing data sets with very limited (or no) integration. Companies can typically see a 250% increase in ROI when predictive analytic solutions are incorporated into their cloud migration strategy.


An in-depth assessment of virtual or on-prem infrastructure in less than three weeks. In 99% of cases, we typically find that only 23% of capacity is being utilized. Our clients also realize up to 30 times ROI when we assess utilization and current costs.


Tired of silos and disorganization at the office? Launch’s cloud migration services help improve organization by making important data accessible at all times from a central location. All employees have greater access to files when they need them and they get real-time updates, enhancing communication, organization and collaboration.

Cloud computing provides ubiquitous access to almost unlimited information technology resources. It removes the friction from acquiring and consuming information technology, creating a world in which the small and nimble with nothing to lose have access to the same technology resources as the large leviathans with everything to lose. Fearless upstarts and agile enterprises use this technology to innovate and disrupt.


Our assessment services help you migrate to Azure efficiently and effectively

Predictive Analytics

Deep-dives for high ROIs. An in-depth analysis of any dataset to help visualize the story hidden within. By bubbling up key metrics to improve forecast accuracy through machine learning, resulting in real-time automated outputs to drive decision making and transformation.

Azure Authorized Migration

If it’s Microsoft, we live it. The Microsoft Partner Program is your go-to resource for support in the cloud. Microsoft has vetted thousands of trusted, experienced experts covering a wide range of specialties.

Tech Consulting

Let us develop a custom application solution. Launch, a Microsoft Strategic Partner and Reseller, is a North American professional services firm that offers business and cloud services to Enterprise and Corporate. Launch has been delivering on complex technical and business problems since 2005 to customers big and small.

AI / Machine Learning Roundtable

Create new, easy, automated processes for maximum efficiency. A human-centered approach to AI / ML. We dive deep and learn more about the concerns with AI / ML and help companies to identify problems while preparing employees and customers for automation.

Advanced Analytics Jumpstart

The quick and not-at-all dirty. You need your business to be a leader, an innovator and a disruptor. Get data fast and make faster decisions with fully integrated data analytics.

Cloud Physics Assessment

Find out what you have and what you need. An in-depth assessment of virtual or on-prem infrastructure in less than 3 weeks. We apply a standard, predictable approach to make the process quick and practical, while minimizing risk.


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Launch has successfully helped a diverse client base move from current-state to future-state through cloud migration. Our experts are ready to find the perfect cloud migration strategy for you.

Quick, clearly-defined, technical and deep dives into your environment to enable discovery, assessment and solution planning.


We know you can't make an informed decision without, well… information. Let us analyze all the details so you can make the best decision possible. Here is how we assess your digital infrastructure.



A quick assessment of your infrastructure environment provides recommendations on how to right-size your VMs, profiles your workloads for Cloud migration readiness, estimates effort to migrate, and compare current costs to Azure-based options… optimizing your ongoing costs.

We aim to capture efficiencies in rapid, comprehensive fashion, identify infrastructure optimization and workloads to migrate to the Cloud.

Identify up to 30X ROI by analyzing utilization & current costs against Cloud models.

Plan proactively for end-of-support hardware /software

Assess priority workloads to migrate

Optimize: in 99% of cases only 23% of capacity is being utilized

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Focus on the future.
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We tackle everything from data migration to integrating proprietary backend systems. ​

No challenge too big. No client too small.​

Our cloud experts can assess your unique needs, design a migration roadmap, and implement tools to track your growth.​


Bellevue, WA

Sacramento, CA

Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA

Boise, ID

Hyderabad, India

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Bellevue, WA

Sacramento, CA

Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA

Boise, ID

Hyderabad, India

Washington D.C.