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Without data, how do you decide what's next?

Are you making the most out of your data?

You can bet the competition is.

If you're not making data-driven decisions, you're gambling with the fate of your business.

Lucky for you, Launch is an industry leader in AI & Analytics.​

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Are You Ready for Human-Centric AI? Let's find out.


Select a pilot project to demonstrate the ROI of AI, and create a plan to execute on it.

“The data's the now. I'm intereted in why.”​

- Charlene Coleman, Practice Lead

Predictive analysis leads to prescriptive action.

Your industry IS changing, but that's always been a constant; along with our power to persevere, adapt, and innovate.  ​

That's where we support you. 

Best of all—​

the more you can predict, ​

the more you can prescribe.

Meaning, the future is one you can help shape.


Your data's potential is an unknown quantity. Launch AI & Analytics doesn't fear the unknown; it jumps in headfirst—extracting the insights and vision you need to advance confidently into tomorrow.​

So – what does your future look like? ​

We're ready to help you start writing it.​

What you need is clarity.

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We keep companies ahead of the curve - anticipating trends and identifying efficiencies.​

We help startups make the leap from savvy to sustainable. We help Fortune 500’s streamline their operations.​

With Launch on your side, you can leverage your existing data to discover hidden patterns and make informed decisions faster.​

How do you make the process better?

Simply put, empathy.
And really smart people. ​

We emulate the end user and client at the same time to build a solution that works for everyone. And if something’s broken in your process, you bet your ass we’ll find it and bring the right team to the table to fix it. Because here’s the deal, you’re not just getting the BPO team, you’re getting Dev Ops, AI and Analytics, CX… essentially, the entire brain trust of Launch is at your fingertips. ​

Focus on the future.
Leave the rest to us.

We tackle everything from data migration to integrating proprietary backend systems. ​

No challenge too big. No client too small.​

Our cloud experts can assess your unique needs, design a migration roadmap, and implement tools to track your growth.​

At the end of the day,
we just want to build cool stuff.

Once you’ve made the move, our DevOps team has the chops to design and build custom applications, so you can make the most of your data with meaningful insights.​

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