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Experience Design Engineering™ (XDE™)

Our deep focus on Digital Transformation has led us to our Experience Design Engineering (XDE) methodology.

XDE helps you fundamentally change the way consumers engage, experience, and interact with your brand across every touchpoint in your connected ecosystem — physical, digital, in-store, online, mobile, wearable, Internet of Things — across the lifecycle of your customers.

Health and Safety

Human Experiences Designed for the Bounce-Back

Are you ready to welcome back

your employees and customers?

The best path to ensuring the safety and success of your environment is through enhanced crowd detection, location intelligence, monitoring, and alerts.

Ensure Safe Opening

Prevent Infection and Transmission

Boost the Confidence of your Returning Customers and Employees

Safe Experiences

The Bounce-Back from a pandemic requires new thinking. Thoughtful experiences. Contactless interactions, and leveraging technology to create brand interactions your customers and employees trust to protect their health and safety.

Sensor Integration

Voice Command

Gesture Detection and Facial Recognition


Next-Generation Vending Machines & Kiosks

Mobile Device Integration

Contactless Payments

Intelligent Spaces

Intelligent Spaces link the physical environment to digital inputs such as distancing guidelines and cleaning protocols. The spaces sense changing conditions and help humans to interact with their surroundings in safer, more comfortable ways.

Location Sensing / Distancing

Foot Traffic Flow / Queuing

Floor Plan / Layout

Space Planning / Repurposing

Safety / Sanitation Monitoring

Human Experiences Designed
for the Bounce-Back

Level 11's Experience Design Engineering help companies bring their brand vision to life through back-end systems and design engineering to create safer, more meaningful experiences.

Emotion Journey Mapping

Online or Virtual Training

Safety and Sanitization Protocols

Service Mapping

We’ve engineered experiences for some of the most engaging brands on the planet.

We’re Ready for the Bounce-Back. Are you?