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Drive better outcomes through smarter data-driven experiences.


“Organizations are becoming increasingly complex and reliant on fresh, up-to-the-minute data to drive their business.”

-Keenan Rice, VP Strategic Alliances at Looker

Keenan Rice Interview

Disruptive IoT Solution from Launch Data360 Transforms Mining into Connected – Smart Mining:

Launch Consulting developed the cutting-edge solution to acquire and visualize IoT data, using Looker as the core data platform on top of GCP BigQuery.  Delivering all the features needed to create a 24x7, mission-critical digital operations center, Launch’s solution combines the best features of real-time decision support with self-service analytics & AI/ML-enabled forecasting.


The Looker platform unlocks the value of your data to deliver insights with impact and create data experiences tailored for every part of your organization. Business executives, data analysts, application developers, data scientists, customers, and business partners. Anyone who needs data to do their jobs can benefit from Looker capabilities.

Looker's mission is to

enable every organization to be


Looker’s data platform goes beyond BI to help organizations deliver impact through data experiences that fit the way people work. Looker integrates seamlessly into business workflows, embeds into third-party systems, and enables companies to build their own data applications. All while delivering world-class business intelligence capabilities.

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What this partnership means


Launch is going all-in on our Looker partnership. Since Looker offers much more than just a BI visualization layer in their data platform, it’s important for customers to understand, plan, and implement Looker in a way that maximizes their ROI. Launch’s broad range of complementary disciplines serve to fill in gaps for prospective clients, driving holistic solutions wrapped around the Looker core offering.

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We Build Rich, Beautiful Data Experiences

We offer custom data experiences to help you get the most out of Looker's powerful system.
Go from out-of-the-box Looker, to an experience that is effective and familiar for your business.


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