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Omer Singer Interview in The Navigator

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Nature has been storing good data in organized ways since the dawn of life. Is this the key to unlocking the potential of AI/ML?



Snowflake 2019 Technology Solution Partner "Rookie of the Year"

At the 2019 Snowflake Partner Summit, Launch Consulting was honored as Snowflake’s Rookie Solution Partner of the Year.  The annual awards recognize business impact, product integration, technical skills, sales, and go-to-market strategies.

Snowflake Solutions Partners are certified to ensure customers have trusted and validated experts who can accelerate and maximize the benefits of Snowflake.  

Launch earned the award for their collaboration with Snowflake on an innovative solution for a Fortune 50 client. This award places Launch in a very select group of data-centered companies including AWS, FiveTran, Microsoft, Looker, and Tableau.

TOPIC: Transforming data from a liability to a revenue-generating asset
View the On-Demand webinar discussion on our innovative Snowflake-powered Data360 transformation for a Fortune 50 firm.

Snowflake's mission is to

enable every organization to be


Launch is all-in on our Snowflake partnership. Snowflake offers customers a complex array of possibilities to utilize data. With so many options available for up and down-stream integrations and use cases, it’s important to ensure customers maximize the value they receive from adopting Snowflake.

Launch’s broad range of complementary disciplines serves to fill in the gaps for prospective clients, by driving holistic solutions wrapped around the Snowflake core offering.


Navigation in the age of transformation is not just our slogan, but our mantra. Our clients range from mid-market to Fortune 50, and across the board, they rely upon Launch to chart a course through an increasingly complex technology ecosystem.

As we look at the Cloud Data Warehouse landscape, Snowflake stands apart as a clear leader in the space, with no other competitor coming close to matching cost, functionality, or ease of use. This makes Snowflake a very compelling option for our customers to anchor a data-first transformation strategy.

What this partnership means


Make Better, Quicker Business Decisions

Give all your analytics users all the insights from all your data, when they need it, to advance your business.

Scale your Analytics, Scale your Business

Minimize your costs with a zero-maintenance, pay-by-the-second solution that instantly and infinitely scales.

Create a Data-driven Customer Journey

Deliver relevant, accurate, timely, and consistent brand experiences to gain your customers’ business and their loyalty.

How do you monetize your data?

You're holding the key

Our aim is to help you unlock

the value of your data

You've been building toward this


For months, years, you've been collecting data in various ways, storing it in disparate systems.

Now it's time to reap the return on your data investments.

With Launch and Snowflake on your side, you can leverage your existing data to discover hidden patterns, discover opportunities, and create new revenue streams.

Data Partners

Launch is a strategic partner for the nation's leading data-driven, future-focused brands.

If you had a Magic 8 Ball for business,

what would you ask it?

The Launch Intelligent Forecast Engine uses advanced analytics & machine learning to deliver timely and accurate forecasts for any industry.

Your data's potential is an unknown quantity. Launch+Snowflake solutions don't fear the unknown; it jumps in headfirst—extracting the insights and vision you need to advance confidently into tomorrow.​

So – what does your future look like? ​

We're ready to help you start writing it.​

Predictive analysis leads to prescriptive action

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Forecast your future.
Then make it happen.

The Launch Intelligent Forecast Engine helps you pinpoint where to take action.

Our data engineering team tackles everything from data migration to integrating proprietary backend systems. ​

Our cloud experts can assess your unique needs, design a migration roadmap, and implement tools to track your growth.​


Bellevue, WA

Sacramento, CA

Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA

Boise, ID

Hyderabad, India

Washington D.C.


Bellevue, WA

Sacramento, CA

Dallas, TX

San Francisco, CA

Boise, ID

Hyderabad, India

Washington D.C.