CLIENT: Telecom Infra Project


  • An online B2B marketplace driving new connectivity solutions to market
  • Designed and built by Launch in under 6 weeks. Launched with 44 solutions listed
  • Example industry response: TIP Gives Innovation Vendors a shop Window

Designed & built by
Launch in
under 6 weeks

Launch with
44 solutions

Launch's Role with TIP

Ignite membership growth and participation across 5 continents

Drive awareness with brand evolution and strategic marketing

Design, build & maintain new tools and platforms to support rapid scaling

The Story

  • Founded in 2016

    Founded in 2016 with the visionary goal of improving connectivity access and quality around the world, Telecom Infra Project (TIP) is a new approach to building and deploying telecom infrastructure.

  • The partnership began

    Launch began a partnership with TIP in 2017 to help drive membership growth and participation. Our team dove into TIP’s rapid “move fast” culture, providing foundational Human Experience (HX) understanding of the TIP Member end-to-end experience and identifying gaps and opportunities to build further momentum. One of the early challenges we faced was to rapidly increase attendance at TIP’s second annual Summit, a key event for TIP’s telecom industry outreach. By merging our HX insights with social media marketing savvy and plenty of elbow grease, we increased Summit ’17 YoY attendance by 3X.

  • Infrastructure Graphic

    Expanding across 5 continents

    Over the next two years, TIP engagements carried us across 5 continents and our team expanded to ignite strategic growth areas for TIP, including community management, marketing, HX, product design, and DevOps.

  • Enter TIP Exchange

    In 2019, TIP needed its next evolutionary step. Its members were devising innovative telecom solutions, but many providers – even some of the largest ones – did not have the resources to get their solutions out in front of a globally disparate group of buyers. Enter TIP Exchange, conceived as a business-to-business online marketplace that would bring together the telecom ecosystem to drive new connectivity solutions to market.

  • Under 6 weeks

    Launch worked with TIP to create multiple concepts and prototype iterations to help gather executive and community feedback. When a fully functional MVP prototype received enthusiastic responses, it opened the way for our DevOps team to develop the full product, and for our Community Managers to lead the outreach necessary to populate the platform with qualified solutions. Building on a React/GraphQL/MongoDB technology stack, we completed V1 of Exchange in under 6 weeks. When it was released it featured 44 solutions from 28 providers. In a parallel workstream, our team also built a membership management platform that underpins key aspects of the Exchange.

  • TIP Summit '19

    TIP Exchange highlights the important work by the TIP community.It was announced to the world at TIP Summit ’19 , our third Summit with this amazing client.

What's Next? as TIP loves to say, "This is only the beginning."

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