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Opportunity for Social and Economic Impact

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The Future of Automotive Retail


of dealers are sure that their role will change dramatically in the next five to ten years.


of customers would buy directly online from the manufacturer.


of dealers see the decreasing brand loyalty of customers as the biggest challenge.


under the age of 30 can imagine using car sharing or similar services instead of owning a car.

Digital Transformation


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We keep companies ahead of the curve - anticipating trends and identifying efficiencies.​

We help startups make the leap from savvy to sustainable. We help Fortune 500’s streamline their operations.​

With Launch on your side, you can leverage your existing data to discover hidden patterns and make informed decisions faster.​

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If it moves, we can help you measure and optimize it. If it prduces data, we can help you monetize it.

We tackle everything from customer experience design to data migration to integrating proprietary backend systems. ​

No challenge too big. No client too small.​

Our experts can assess your unique needs, design a roadmap, and implement tools to track your growth.​